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Steatite Ceramic
Steatite is mainly used to manufacture Electrical Insulators  
Steatite is magnesium silicate  
Steatite has good Mechanical Strength  
High volume resistively up to 1000 degree C  
Good dielectric strength  
Low dissipation factor  
Impervious material structure  
Steatite is commonly used in appliance thermostats where a high temperature electrical insulator is needed that will hold its shape and size and will not wear out during the life of the device.

Steatite works very well in cold switching applications.

Steatite is used to support heating elements in electric heaters, toasters, and ovens.

Steatite is a good high voltage insulator. It holds up under thousands of volts without breaking down.

Steatite ceramic parts are usually small and are formed from dry powder in a compaction press. The parts are then fired in the kiln. Diamond abrasives are used to grind parts to size for high tolerance applications.

Steatite Ceramic
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