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Cordierite Ceramic
Cordierite is a ceramic used in heat shock applications that would crack and shatter most other ceramic materials
Kiln furniture is made of cordierite because it will survive thousands of heating and cooling cycles.

At Paratech all of our production is placed in cordierite trays known as saggers to be used in the kiln during the firing cycle.
Cordierites have excellent resistance to heat shock, due to their low coefficients of thermal expansion. Cordierites come in a range of thermal expansions, mechanical strengths and porosity's
Cordierite ceramics make cost-effective insulators wether dry-pressed or extruded
At K.C. Industries we make both a Dense Cordierite and a Cordierite with high porosity Cordierite that we call, Cordierite Refractory
Small cordierite parts can be dry powder pressed. Large cordierite pieces are formed by slip casting.

Slip casting is a process where the ceramic material is mixed with water and poured into a plaster mold. After a few hours the plaster draws off the water from the mix and the sagger or other shape can be released from the mold. Parts are then dried and fired.

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