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Ceramic Media
Angle Cut Cylinders
For an improved finish and reduced cost. It reaches into most crevices and holes
20o Angle Cut Triangles
Triangles reach into most areas not accessible to square-cut media.
Pyramids & Tetrahedrons
The flat sides provide the best cutting surfaces. They reach into holes and slots where other media would not.
Designed to reach into remote areas without lodging so they will easily separate from parts.
Cylindrical Wedges
Provides a maximum cutting area and surface finishing by combining the cylinder and wedge into one.
20o Angle Cut Stars
They can replace other preformed media for use in a wide variety of parts
20oAngle Cut Ellipse
Combines the cutting actions of triangles with the finishing action of cylinders. Reduces lodging problems and is recommended for concave surfaces.
Pricing depends upon shape, size and composition of material as well as quantity ordered. Call for your cost or blanket order pricing.
The Compositions:
C For cutting or Burnish SC Suited for materials to H For super fast cutting
Containing a coarse-grained aluminum oxide abrasive, it will provide a burnished finish.
be welded, brazed or soldered
Containssilicon carbide abrasive and recommended for use on parts with no aluminum oxide impregnation

A tough, fast cutting, long wearing, efficient media containing aluminum oxide grains.108 lbs/ft3, grey
For cutting & fine finishing
A general purpose media containing aluminum oxide grains which leaves a smooth finish. Efficient media compared with the amount of metal removed and media wear.
For light deburring & burnishing
Contains fine sized aluminum oxide and will produce a burnished or polished finish

For aggressive cutting & large equipment
Perfect for applications requiring outward force or large vibrators. Has an increased durability, minimal fracturing and is fast cutting.
For very fine burnishing
Contains no abrasive and is a long wearing media for burnishing and polishing applications.

For very fine burnishing
Contains no abrasive and is a long wearing media for burnishing and polishing applications.

For burnishing or accelerated chemical deburring
A heavy, high density material that can replace steel media. It decreases the time cycle due to its weight.

Angle Cut

Angle Cut
Pyramids Angle Cut
Cones Angle Cut


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