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Alumina is the most versatile engineered ceramic because of its high temperature service limit along with its chemical, electrical and mechanical properties. It is also relatively low cost, is easily formed and finished using a number of fabrication methods including injection molding for low cost, high volume production runs.
It is often compounded with silica or trace elements to enhance its properties or fabrication and commonly will range from 92% to 99.8% Al2O3. Higher purity, gel cast material can be found under our REPTON brand.

Alumina engineered ceramic parts can be formed by single axis pressing, isostatic pressing, injection molding, slip casting, or extrusion. Parts can "green machined" to near net size before firing and then "hard" ground using diamond tooling to tolerances less than 0.0002" (0.005 mm). Special grades of alumina can be metallized and/or brazed to metal parts

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